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12-30-2003, 01:15 AM
Hi all

I can't index the website I'dlike to, http://www.ski-lesarcs.com.

It works with other websites but this one does not work. I've try many of the tricks shown there but none seems to work.

If you got any idea of what might cause phpdig to work improperly...

phpdig is on my comp, Win XP pro, Apache 2.0.47, PHP 4.3.3.
the site I try to index is on Linux, Apache Php 4.3.1. (but the result is the same if I try to index it on my local comp, so I guess it's more a javascript / html / frame related issue).

thanks a lot !

12-30-2003, 02:23 AM
Hi. PhpDig tries to grab links from anchor, frame, javascript, and meta tags if the links match the regular expression in the phpdigExplore function and the links gets through the phpdigRewriteUrl function. As the inital page is small and the redirect page to the main site has a fair amount of javascript, you might try setting the CHUNK_SIZE in the config file to something fairly small as well. If this doesn't work, then you might want to bypass the intro pages and crawl http://www.ski-lesarcs.com/fr/index.php and http://www.ski-lesarcs.com/gb/index.php directly.

12-30-2003, 02:59 AM
thanks for your quick amswer.
That does not change a thing however. Do you manage to dig my site ?
It seems I can index page by page but i never get more info than the meta, so I got no link...
even with this page http://www.ski-lesarcs.com/fr/enfants/dig.htm no link were found...

12-30-2003, 03:12 AM
Hi. I am able to crawl http://www.ski-lesarcs.com/fr/enfants/dig.htm and am able to get results when doing a search:

Spidering in progress...

SITE : http://www.ski-lesarcs.com/
Exclude paths :
- cwrm/
- admin/
- val/
- upload/
- traducteurs/
(time : 00:00:04)
+ + + + + + + + +
level 1...
(time : 00:00:09)

(time : 00:00:11)

(time : 00:00:12)

(time : 00:00:13)

(time : 00:00:15)

(time : 00:00:17)

(time : 00:00:19)

(time : 00:00:22)

(time : 00:00:26)

No link in temporary table


links found : 10
Optimizing tables...
Indexing complete !
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Results 1-10, 14 total, on "ski" (0.37 seconds)

1. [100.00 %] SMA-Les Arcs, remontées mécaniques
limit to http://www.ski-lesarcs.com/, this path : fr/enfants/

...and venez-vous ? Cliquez pour ouvrir le calendrier image de 90ko Stages de ski Le mini-club : pour les 3 * 8 ans De 3 * 8 ans, les enfants apprennent... ...eront, après une première séance, du groupe où il doit évoluer. Niveaux de ski: Débutant, Nounours, Flocon, 1ère, 2ème ou 3ème étoile. FORFAIT REMONTE... ....t.,balades,parcours,escalade,refuge,r****nnée,walking,hiking,mountain, mtb,ski area,ski pass,ski lifts,nursery,kindergarten,kids,child,tourism,moutain...

2. [81.65 %] SMA-Les Arcs, les enfants sont rois
limit to http://www.ski-lesarcs.com/, this path : fr/enfants/

...ste, balades&hellip En savoir plus Réserver la garderie en ligne STAGES DE SKI 3-8 ans Apprendre le ski ou se perfectionner, tout est possible aux Pom... ...ski,alpes,ski,séjour,réservation,neige,enfants,nurserie,garderie,kl,fu niculaire,télésiège,télécabine,téléphérique,téléski,ski de fond,piétons,les arc...

3. [79.06 %] SMA-Les Arcs, remontées mécaniques
limit to http://www.ski-lesarcs.com/, this path : fr/enfants/

...couvrant en cas d'accident et de secours sur pistes. Avant votre séjour au ski, assurez vous d'avoir une assurance. Dans le doute faites confiance au... ...la version française du site web remontées mécaniques,les arcs,forfaits de ski,domaine skiable,tourisme,montagne,station de ski,alpes,ski,séjour,réser...

...and so forth...

Perhaps the problem is the same as one listed in this (http://www.phpdig.net/showthread.php?threadid=288) thread.