View Full Version : PHPDig @ Apache (Win2000)

12-22-2003, 01:26 AM
When executing PHPDig on my Win2000 - Apache Server it tooks so long to index one site.

And I saw that PHPDig ist working only with 1-2 kb on my local server - isn't this too slow? I have 1 MBit.

12-23-2003, 05:22 AM
Hi. What search depth did you use? Are you indexing from shell or browser interface?

12-23-2003, 06:21 AM
Normaly I'm using depth of 2 or three ... But I tried 1 and I only see what the spider "done" when it is finished.

On my Providers Server (Linux) I see the "xxxxxxxxx" and on my Win2000/Apache/PHP i see what the spider has done, when it's done.

So when there is a large site I don't know what the spider is doing ... and I saw that the spider is downloading/fetching/spidering the sites with 1-3 kb / Sec. !

12-23-2003, 07:00 AM
Hi. PhpDig tries to flush output to the browser while the script is running, but on different servers the output won't show in the browser until the script terminates even though flush was used.