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07-17-2007, 03:04 AM

I came across the above old thread message from 'Dave A' which prompted me to post some information including the link that I find useful for analysing my keywords. It's supplied by Google and is at the bottom of this post.

I find that google are great to follow around the technology arena. They share a lot with joe public for free and like the GNU building scenareo, they reap a lot of feedback on the same terms from respondents ie. forums like this one we are in now.

It's like the saying, you have to give something away to get something back in return... it's a proven business technique that was embellished by smaller retail during the early eighties in the bulk buying cut-price retail war, as with cigarrettes and the like, that I guess, all of which has later evolved into the supermarket and tried and tested 'Freeserve' project that netted a ready made clientelle when broadband went global....

Anyway, check this out for free at the google empire

Google Adwords Keyword Tool (https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal)

.. don't let the Adwords bit in the title throw you ... put it to good use and analyse the results in your own time. The second tab that does a keword search of your domain name is really smart. Save your results to your desktop by the csv, txt links at the bottom of the returned results page.

best regards
grassmonster :cool: