View Full Version : problem: HTTP authentication versus mod_rewrite

02-14-2007, 04:58 AM

I'd like to ask for advice: I have a website with HTTP authentication and using mod_rewrite. Both things go well but they do not work together for me.

I can log in but the PHP_AUTH_USER PHP_AUTH_PASS variables are not passed on to other pages, so I am logged-in only at the one page - example: I log in at en/guestbook and then I am not logged-in at en/guestbook/ (notice the slash) or en/other-page etc...

I have apache with PHP as a module. And as I have said HTTP auth. works well, otherwise (if I use real addresses like: "?page=some_id_number&other_variables", it works.

I use plain HTTP authentication provided by the browser.

Thank you for any help.