View Full Version : Max size it can handle.

Dave A
12-08-2006, 12:52 PM
Some questions have been asked in the past about what size and number of hosts the software can handle?

Well at the moment I am looking at the following:
DataBase status
Hosts : 1236392 Entries
Pages : 879862 Entries
Index : 80669930 Entries
Keywords : 3377140 Entries

I have split the database into two and added a way of ranking the page contents.
Splitting the database needed to happen because tables bigger than 60,000 entries started to slow the searches down and the database started to get unstable at times.
Now it runs the searches over two databases and each contain "Similar content!" or related words and this broadens the results better and makes them more accurate.
Possibly not the best php coding ever done but it works for me!