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Dave A
09-24-2006, 06:51 PM
New Search technology!
That is an interesting question.
Yahoo appears to be quite happy with the way things are, they are offering more of a portal for people to use, than just a plain old search engine and they do have a huge customer base.
In terms of the results I can't see any major changes happening in the near future and I fail to see that a new company will suddenly pop up and take the search world by storm.
I do begin to wonder how Google manages to index the sheer volume of sites that it does and you can't complain at all about the sheer quality of the results they give out.
The volume of new domains being registered daily is huge and yet Google and the others always seem to get around to them quite quickly.
I suppose the only change that may happen is in the way that the results are given. We have seen clustering being used in some search engines and I often wonder what sort of things will come into being as the time goes on.