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06-22-2006, 01:31 PM
I just attempted an install of the phpDig and wanted to install the catdoc binary in order to search MS Word Docs.

I am running on a linux server with SAFE_MODE = off and all other options described in the instructions ok as well. I am able to index PDF files just fien using the pdftotext binary.

I am not able to complie the catdoc code as I am on a win platform myself (hot is Linux .. my desktop is Win).

I have tried everything here for the past 8 hours and am pulling my hair out. It seems like from the post I list below, I am not able to execute ".exe" files on the site, even though they are in a directory that has 755 permissions (and all directories leading up to it do as well as the file itself).

Here are the results of my trying to index a single MSWord doc. Please let me know if anyone has seen this type of thing on a Linux box? I thought this should work pretty easily. Again, I did NOT complie the code and am instead trying to work strictly from the "catdoc.exe" files itself (which may be my problem).

Here is the "debug" info:

Exclude paths :
- @NONE@

Is result test http an array: 1
What is result test http status: MSWORD

Is result test an array: 1
What is result test status: MSWORD
Use is executable is set to: 0
Index the pdf is set to: 1
Parse the pdf is set to: /home/httpdocs/binaries/catdoc_xls/catdoc.exe
Does parse pdf exist: 1
Is parse pdf executable: 1

Command is: /home/httpdocs/binaries/catdoc_xls/catdoc.exe -s 8859-1 ../admin/temp/15468382.tmp 2>&1
Result contains: Array ( [0] => sh: line 1: /home/httpdocs/binaries/catdoc_xls/catdoc.exe: cannot execute binary file )
Return value is: 126

(time : 00:00:05)
No link in temporary table


links found : 1
Optimizing tables...
Indexing complete !

Please help!