View Full Version : Search through an entire word - especially for german textes

12-20-2005, 09:30 AM
Helo Folks,
after installing of the phpdig 1.8.8 I realised, that a search term will match only
at the beginning of a word, fe. giving 'ermin' you won't get the results with
word 'terminal'. This wasn't what most people using german language expect,
where many words are concatenation of other ones.

So I made some modifications to the search_function.php file and now the entire
word is searched through. The default operator is AND, so you do not need the radio
buttons tag <phpdig:form_radio/> in the html template. If you surround a text
to search with double quotes, the search mode will switch to 'exact' and phrase
search will be performed. That all let you create a simple search field with "GO"
button only, keeping all the power functionality, that the phpdig gives to us.