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11-16-2005, 04:51 PM
Hi Dave,
Really nice your site ;)
Is your page ranking system works with phpdig ?
Do you have really Hosts : 111475 Entries :)
What's the config of your web server ??!!!!

Thank You


Dave A
11-16-2005, 06:15 PM
Hi Noel, if I recall it's got six sata 200gb drives, 2048Mb RAM and I can't recall the speed of the processors but it has two, it does whack along a bit quick when I haven't been playing with it.
Today it is indexing another eighty three new domains that were suggested to us earlier by people sending emails.
I really enjoy playing with it, today it has been busy from queries coming in from some of the Meta search engines it's hooked up to.
Gigablast seems to beat it hands down on sheer speed, it produces about the same number of results as mine but in a quarter of the time.
If someone in America searches for say "Hamburger!" the meta search engines shoots the query off to everyone at the same time and the results flood back, the one that gets the most page views is the quickest to process the data or so it would seem.
I am looking at opening up an XML feed from it because it is a lot faster and so it will make the results quicker.
If for example you did a search via the small Meta search engine flexfinder, you will be able to see how the speed of the servers accounts for heaps.
Being based in New Zealand doesn't help because the bandwidth accross the oceans to get here and back don't seem to fast. Which may influence it!
I split the database down into two and when a search comes in it basically looks up a registry to see what words are related by meaning and or ar simlar in useage, it then coverts that into another search and does both searches at the same time and blends the results together to form the final results that are displayed to the searcher.

Which seems like a way to form a result quite easily..

Heaps of regards
Dave A
When Charter looked at it by ftp once he commented about the database being out of sync and it was quite big then