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07-15-2005, 12:01 AM

im searching through this board since one day but because of the hidden Posts from "Charter" i unfortunately can't find a solution. I am a stundent from Austria and i have no possibility to pay for the help right here, i am sorry. In hope for a little support although i will try to describe my problem(s) right now.

I have downloaded the latest stable Version of PHPDig, and installed it on a Windows XP PC with PHP 5.0.3RC2-dev and mySQL 4.1.7. I have "installed" xpdf width pdftotext in "C:/apache/xampp/htdocs/files/php/xpdf" and PHPDig in "C:/apache/xampp/htdocs/files/php/phpdig"

My config looks like this:

define('PHPDIG_INDEX_PDF', true);
define('PHPDIG_PARSE_PDF', 'C:/apache/xampp/htdocs/files/php/xpdf');
define("PHPDIG_Option_PDF', '');


When i start to Spider a Directory with contains a .pdf File nothing really happens.

The Output from spider says:

SITE: http://localhost
exclude paths:
- @none@
1: http://localhost/files/php/pdf
No link in temprary table

links found: 1

Optimizing tables
Indexing complete!

That's all, the PDF won't indexed, at the best i maybe find the File-Name wenn searched. I would rather like to read through your "Readme before Post"-Topic but this is also districted to read for me.

It would be very nice if someone could help me here, apart from i am not able to pay for this ... :o

best regards,

PS: Pdftotext.exe works from command-line with ms-dos. Are there any configruations i have to set? Oh my good, i hope you can help me. I'm searching through the internet for a search engine with pdf since 4 days and i haven't found anything working since now.

07-18-2005, 04:34 PM
Try one of the following:

define('PHPDIG_PARSE_PDF', 'C:/apache/xampp/htdocs/files/php/xpdf/pdftotext');
define('PHPDIG_PARSE_PDF', 'C:/apache/xampp/htdocs/files/php/xpdf/pdftotext.exe');