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03-06-2005, 09:42 PM
I have a form that submits captions via textboxes to a php page that gets written to an child node in an XML file. I am using a while loop since there are up to 35 caption textboxes into which a user can input data. I have tried everything to try to get the data into the XML, namely by using a while loop to get the $caption$i=$_POST['caption$i'] value.

The XML is written correctly when I use $caption1 instead '$caption$i' below so I know the data is being passed to the next page correctly. When I use '$caption$i' only 1, 2, 3, etc gets written to the string. When I use "$caption$i", then $caption$i gets written. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! HOW CAN I GET THIS DATA TO DISPLAY CORRECTLY?

$doc = new_xmldoc('1.0');
$root = $doc->add_root('gallery');

while ($i<$count)
$image = $root->new_child('image',"images/$i.jpg");
$captiontext = $root->new_child('captiontext', '$caption$i');

// set output filename
$filename= "../../Clients/$firstname$lastname/gallery.xml";

$fp = @fopen($filename,'w');
if(!$fp) {
die('Error cannot create XML file');

03-15-2005, 08:45 AM
Perhaps the problem lies in the assignment of $_POST['caption$i'] to $caption$i in your code. Use error_reporting(E_ALL); and see what shows onscreen, and maybe consider using $caption[$i] = $_POST['caption$i']; and $captiontext = $root->new_child('captiontext', '$caption[$i]'); instead.