View Full Version : Unlock a lockdown

Dave A
03-06-2005, 01:55 PM
Hi If anyone every gets into the situation where PHPDIG throws a wobbler and locks all your index up, until now I have had to clear the locked files using phpadmin one file at a time but I have just discoverd how to change it all back to normal:
You can update the whole lot with a simple SQL query - however, before doing so, I very much suggest you take a backup of the database, as it's very easy to get it wrong.

Here's what you do - in phpMyAdmin, select the relevant table and click on the SQL tab. In the query box, type the following -

UPDATE sites SET locked = 0;

where 'sites' is the table you're editing, and 'locked' is the field you want to change. This will change the field value of ALL of the records from whatever they currently are to 0 (zero).
When a site is locked it changes the value of locked from 0 to 1 but using this method can save ages of time editing it all, should phpdig fall over.

Hope this helps anyone!

All the best
Dave A downunder.