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Crazy Tech
08-04-2003, 05:59 AM
Anyone here at the forums happen to have an online business? With the economy slowly starting a recovery I think many companies will see business start to ever so slowly pick up again myself. Hopefully this will mean a pick up in clients and income from many companies such as FastezHosting (My Company). Do you guys share the same viewpoint?

Anyone here have any hint/tips/tricks that they could give away to the less experienced? I admit I even still have things to learn, despite the fact FastezHosting is my second online venture. I've found that it is key to have a good business plan layed out and a little extra money kept back for things that arise when you didn't think about them.

Finally, where do you think the money can be made in today's online world? I know many say it cannot be done in hosting, but I think if you offer solid service you still can profit from it. The days of the get rich quick schemes are gone, however. I think selling website templates and doing custom designs is another business once can earn a little capital from. I am sure that if you can find the right niche, there are still other markets not yet exploited on the internet.

This concludes my business ramblings for today. ;) Some input and feedback would be great!

08-04-2003, 02:13 PM
Yes the days of quick fortune on the internet are gone.

But i have a online bussiness hosting and designs bussiness, It isnt doing to bad at all.

Patience is the key and yes some spare capitol for the unsi try to give the best support possible so hopefully when everyone is tired of bs hosting companies things will be great.

i think though with hard work and patience the internet business will pay off.

i started sytesolutions in 2001 and sytedesigns shortly but just recently merged them into intrelix. the reason for that is less time trying to run 2 sites.

well i am also done rambling heheh which thats what 90% of this reply is

Crazy Tech
08-04-2003, 05:53 PM
I have to agree with you, provide good support and service and your business will prosper. As you said, you just must be patient and willing to work hard for not much at first, things will then come slowly in time.