View Full Version : mod: small improvements for 1.8.7

01-27-2005, 02:59 AM
Display URL with "not found" messages:
replace line 531 in spider.php, which is:print $s_no.phpdigMsg('error').' 404'.$br; into print $s_no.phpdigMsg('error').' 404 ('.str_replace('@url',$url_indexing,$s_link).')'.$br;

Fix.. in line 113 of libs/function_phpdig_form.php I've changed $relative_script_path = '.'; to global $relative_script_path; because otherwise I'll get "Unable to find connect.php file for dropdown menu."

Change request: use a constant/variable for:

temp directory (line 464 of admin/spider.php), because this has to be writeable and "/tmp" is probably more appropriate in most cases
URI to the phpdig directory. This would be useful for lines 671 & 708 in libs/search_function.php (lines 738 & 775 in search_function.php that I'll post later).