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Dave A
11-13-2004, 03:57 AM
What I would find really good would be a tool that would be able to unlock multiple sites that are locked whilst "Spidering" every so often my Internet connection goes down, which then sets all web sites as "Locked" and the only way I can unlock them is to use phpadmin and edit each record or use the phpdig admin page which takes about a week to unlock them.
Whilst a single site is locked I am unable to clean the dictionary, all I can do is check the searches and the stats. :bang:

Heck it would be good to have something that would unlock the lot in one go.

Summer has finally arrived downuder..

11-24-2004, 01:19 PM
Your request has been taken into account in my new admin mod. It was so easy to add and might be useful later on, so there it is.


Dave A
11-24-2004, 02:01 PM
The connection to the web down in New Zealand is really slow around 4k per second at times.
When PHPDIG gets a connection dropped it sometimes locks up the sites and I have now found that the easiest way is to chance a visit and edit using phpadmin.
Editing when your connection can just drop out is not the best thing that can happen especially when using phpadmin.
The other night I was editing the temspider tables to get rid of temporary files and the connection failed and I had to re write heaps of data.
Life isn't that slow downunder despite the rumours, the broadband connection doesn't extend to anthing further than a few kilometers out side the main towns and I have seen better connection speeds in rural Pakistani villages.
Telecom New Zealand are not the brightest of companies and the main ISP on the island doesn't even know what Linux is! The technical support team thought it may have been an email program?
So now you may have some ideas of the problems we have downunder. Even a dialup modem can't connect at more than V34 speeds if your lucky.

It's quicker to write down the binary code on paper and take it to the server by hand that using the Kiwi Internet, so if you email anyone downunder please don't forget to write slowly because we will have trouble reading anything fast..GRIN!!

All the best everyone

Dave Andrews