View Full Version : catdoc and phpdig on windows giving me troubles

10-11-2004, 06:43 AM

I'm having problems getting Word documents indexed with phpDig. The website I'm going to use this on will be an intranet site for one of our customers.

This is my server configuration:
- Windows 2003 (testing server, production will be win2k, but that's for later ;)
- IIS 6 (standard install)
- PHP 4.3.8
- phpDig 1.8.3

I'm having full administrator access to the testing server and (via the system administrators of our customers) also on the production server.

PHP has safe_mode off and allow_url_fopen on. From the command prompt I am able to convert a Word document (the same as the document I'm using on the website) to text.

The first problem I encountered was 'exec() unable to fork'. I solved this by downloading bgrun.exe (found a post somewhere on phpDig's forum) and ran catdoc.exe via this executable.

Then I got the 'No link in temporary table' error and that's where I lost it. I've been trying so many things I can't even remember which posts I've seen and which are new to me :P

There are however a couple of things I discovered. Although I get a 'no link in temporary table' error, trying to index the same link to a document for a second time will give me the message 'is recently indexed'.

And, when I open the search page, and search for the word 'access' (I've used this as a word in one of the documentens) it gives me a couple of links with the text: 'PHP encountered an access violation at 17xxxxxx'. :bang:

Well, I think I've explained my problem well enough here, but I'm always willing to give more info if needed. Any help is very appreciated!



Ps. Maybe this is of some use to anybody: when I order phpDig to spider the website, no documents (or sometimes one or two) get returned although there are at least a dozen links at this moment. They seem to be ignored for some reason!

Ps 2. Can somebody please kill that chicken in the smilies box at the Post New Thread screen? :P Starting to get really nervous while editing this message!