View Full Version : My Policy on PM/email Support

10-09-2004, 06:59 AM
Yesterday, I received one request for phpdig support via PM and another one via email. For all I know, they could both have been from the same person. However, I politely declined both their requests.

I would like to remind everyone here in the forum that requesting support via PM/email defeats the purpose of having a forum. For one thing, the question you need help with may already have been answered in the forum. If it hasn't, the next person could very well benefit from the answer, so it's important that everyone sees both questions and answers.

Occasionally, I have continued support offline to a forum member, but that has been because it might tend to bog down the forum, or the conversation was getting off-topic. The point is, the support began in the forum, and that's where it should always start.

I hope you understand.