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09-19-2004, 01:43 AM
Hi community,

I'm a newbie as you can see with my post count. I have a question and hopefully someone has some experience with this or point me to the right community. I am working with pdflib 6, block plugin

I am trying to read in the border color value. Say I set the block at RGB (.2,.3,0), the following line:

$type = PDF_get_pdi_parameter($pdf, "vdp/Blocks/blockname/bordercolor[0]", $doc, $page, 0);

returns the right value of DeviceRGB...however I need to extract the colour components as well (.2,.3,0). Does anyone know how to get these components?

$type = PDF_get_pdi_value($pdf, "vdp/Blocks/blockname/bordercolor[1]", $doc, $page, 0);

I figured bordercolor[1], bordercolor[2] etc. would get it but it doesn't.

Any help is appreciated