View Full Version : please help? cant index pdf's

09-13-2004, 05:36 AM
have installed phpdig into the web server and seems like normal files work (html) but having great difficulty with the pdf's. (have gone throught the checklist)

when i go into my admin section and i go "dig this" gives me the following:

SITE : http://domainname/
Exclude paths :
(time : 00:00:05)
No link in temporary table

links found : 1
Optimizing tables...
Indexing complete !

what must i do?

also have not a clue what it means when it says you must install binary files etc. does this mean i copy the tar.z file into a pstotext folder, or must i first unzip it and copy the files to the pstotext folder?!

any help would be greatly appreciated

09-13-2004, 10:25 PM
>> have gone throught the checklist

What output did you get with the code changes posted in the checklist?

>> what it means when it says you must install binary files

A tar.z file needs untar/unzip and depending on download maybe files compiled.

09-16-2004, 06:47 AM
must the server install the external binary pstotext? I have no idea how to install the pstotext external binary (dont really know that much about external binarys, UNIX etc.).

Must the server (the isp) install pstotext for me on my domain? must they install ghostScript on their machine in order for this to work? or do I install it by copying the files to a pstotext folder and making it 777? or do I install it?

I have downloaded the pstotext.tar.Z file and unzipped it using Winzip this gives me a couple of files that have no window extensions such as .c .mak etc.

sorry im very confused?! please help?! :eek:

also i have in my config file:
define('PHPDIG_OPTION_PDF',''); // two single quotes, no space between

is this right?