View Full Version : Alternative to Cron job?

09-29-2003, 11:07 AM
If you have a hosted site and do not have access to cron, is there an alternative to a cron job to have the index kept up to date?

This search engine has an interesting method of doing this:


under "The Auto Spider Engine".

09-29-2003, 04:07 PM
Hi. Do you mean that your host does not have crontab, or is it that they don't allow Telnet/SSH access?

If the latter, you might try CGI-Telnet (http://www.rohitab.com/cgiscripts/cgitelnet.html) to run non-interactive shell commands from your browser.

As for the former, PhpDig currently doesn't have such an option as the link you posted, but maybe in a future release.